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Allergies and Your Lawn: Things You Can Do to Prevent it

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Allergies can affect millions of people, most especially in an area where pollen counts seem to be higher compared to the normal count. As the grass in your lawn grows during the summer and spring, chances are it releases microscopic type of pollen into the air, which is often the cause of your itching and sneezing. Flowers and trees can also be one of the major causes of this pollen. The allergies you experience as well as your lawn might not get along well right now. However, those allergies should not keep you as well as your loved ones from enjoying more quality time in your yard.

Fortunately, there are some things that you can implement in your lawn or yard in order to help lessen the most common allergy triggers. Below, you will learn the things that you can do in order to protect your loved ones when it comes to your lawn and most common allergy triggers that are present there.

Make Sure to Fertilize

Dandelions, bluegrass, nettle, and many more are actually allergy-producing weeds. The moment weeds are removed from your yard or lawn, the grass in your property could potentially grow in a healthier way

Always Keep Your lawn or Yard Short

When you’re mowing, consider cutting the grass according to the right length for your lawn. Actually, trimming the grass stem’s top to your desired height will inhibit any pollen in spreading. That height will also depend on the kind of grass you use or have.

Consider Planting Low-Allergy Plants

In order to make sure that your house will have an allergy-friendly garden, consider planting no-pollen or low-pollen plants such as tulips, hydrangeas, ferns, and pansies.

Replace Your Lawn with Some Low-allergy Grasses

The moment your allergies are already unbearable, you may consider replacing the entire lawn of your property with low-allergy types of grasses. Buffalo grass, Bermuda grass hybrids, as well as St. Augustine grass are just some options to consider.

Though these tips are not going to totally get rid of your allergies, they are there to help you as well as your family breathe much easier when you are in your yard or lawn. Fortunately, professional lawn service providers are always there to help you in any way they can. If you are already a customer of a certain lawn company, let your contractor know that you’re working on these steps in order to help you combat your allergies. Certainly, communication is still the key for you, and your lawn contractor will surely be able to help you to make sure that your grass will be as healthy as possible and while helping you breathe easier.

This is the reason why it’s really best that you only hire a professional and experienced lawn care service provider in order to make sure that the job will be properly done the first time around. A professional lawn care service like Ponte Vedra FL lawn care service can also be able to provide some helpful lawn maintenance tips that you can practice at home.

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